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Community Perspectives

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Evolving Data Usage in Loyalty

Learn how Nancy Gordon of Bakkt sees the shift in what data sets matter the most to loyalty programs.

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Too Much Data is a Bad Thing

Learn from Ryan Mitchell of Hertz why its critical to identify the right data you need to assess loyalty programs.

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Optimize Personalization Processes

Learn the steps Mike Templeton from Casey's is taking to optimize data for personalized loyalty programs.  

Research Reports

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Personalization is Broken

Learn how consumers experience current personalization practices, and how to capture their attention. 

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State of Offer Relevancy

Improving offer relevancy is a critical way for brands to drive sustainable business growth in the era of modern loyalty. 


Member Panels

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Create a First-Party Data Strategy

Learn how Justin Weinstein of Giant Eagle is up-level customer loyalty programs with 1st-party data.

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Five Key Customer Loyalty Metrics

Learn the five key metrics that Andy Rebhun of El Pollo Loco uses to assess loyalty program success.

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Create Relevance with AI

Learn how Christian Selchau-Hansen of Formation is helping companies achieve relevance with AI.

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