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Welcome to  Loyalty Innovators

Customers are important. Digital is moving fast. We all could use a little help keeping up with the changing times. This community is a place for digital leaders, marketing executives and loyalty innovators to connect, share best practices and learn from each other on building that most authentic customer experience for our respective businesses.

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Around the world, 2020 changed everything. COVID-19, a once in a lifetime pandemic, affected everyone. It changed where we worked, our businesses, our families and our lives.

It changed the way consumers shopped, dined and traveled. As a customer loyalty innovator, you know first hand how this environment changed the way customers connected with your brand.

Digital transformation doesn't happen overnight. Whether you're on the last mile or just starting the journey, we wanted to build a community that connects innovators from all industries to discuss their experiences and inspire each other. meet 2021 and beyond.


Loyalty Innovators is the community to connect with peers, share your stories in a safe, non-judgemental space and overcome challenges, while leading your brands in this new world.


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